Episode 08 – Mary Forrest

Mary discusses 5 things that changed her life:

  1. Learning to say “Yes, And”. Where Mary, Alan and Loren all met
  2. Losing a national championship and realizing that she wasn’t the best at something and no one likes a know-it-all
  3. How NOT moving to another country was a positive change in her life.
  4. There’s something about Mary…. What exactly happened in a car while listening to Def Leopard’s Hysteria?
  5. It was the first year she moved to Los Angeles and a major event led her to starting her own company and meeting a number of important friends in the development of her career.

About Mary: Mary is a writer, artist, improv and sketch performer, violinist, and professional selfie photographer. Additional interests include: road trips, punctuation, Star Trek, superheroes, cartoons, Star Trek, noodles, and other epicurean pursuits.

Follow Mary on Twitter at https://twitter.com/maryforrest and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/marylikeafox/.