Episode 10 – Tiwana Floyd

Tiwana discusses 5 things that changed her life:

  1. Joining The Agape International Choir… Where Tiwana found her voice and challenged herself to use it powerfully.
  2. Getting fired from a job she no longer enjoyed.
  3. Recognizing how people view her.
  4. Second City… Learning how to improvise taught her a higher standard of listening and to respond truthfully.
  5. Being taught to rely on herself and she’d never be disappointed.

About Tiwana:

Tiwana is a Los Angeles based commercial and television actor, a graduate of The Second City Hollywood, and soon-to-be graduate of the Second City Directing Program. Tiwana makes her directorial debut with four shows in November of 2016.

Tiwana is also the owner of YourVisualAide.com a design firm focused on print media for actors and entertainers.

You can subscribe to her blog ActingLessonsLearned.com, follow her on Twitter at @TiwanaFloyd and on Instagram at Quirkyful. Visit her website TiwanaFloyd.com.


Episode 09 – Devin Dugan

Devin discusses 5 things that changed his life:

  1. Getting laid off led to starting his own ‘funny business’
  2. Blaming his grandparents for this life-long obsession
  3. How Abbot and Costello led to another life-long obsession
  4. He had never tried this until he met his wife
  5. Going back to school
  6. (BONUS topic) What a co-worker did at an open mic that changed Devin’s life forever

About Devin: He’s the artistic director of ImprovCity, an award-winning improv troupe based in Irvine, California.Visit improvcityonline.com for show tickets and more information.

He recently released the book, “Improvisers Drawing Stick Figures”, which is a collection of improvised doodles by improv performers across the United States, is now available on amazon.

Episode 08 – Mary Forrest

Mary discusses 5 things that changed her life:

  1. Learning to say “Yes, And”. Where Mary, Alan and Loren all met
  2. Losing a national championship and realizing that she wasn’t the best at something and no one likes a know-it-all
  3. How NOT moving to another country was a positive change in her life.
  4. There’s something about Mary…. What exactly happened in a car while listening to Def Leopard’s Hysteria?
  5. It was the first year she moved to Los Angeles and a major event led her to starting her own company and meeting a number of important friends in the development of her career.

About Mary: Mary is a writer, artist, improv and sketch performer, violinist, and professional selfie photographer. Additional interests include: road trips, punctuation, Star Trek, superheroes, cartoons, Star Trek, noodles, and other epicurean pursuits.

Follow Mary on Twitter at https://twitter.com/maryforrest and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/marylikeafox/.

Episode 07 – Kelly Milam

Kelly discusses 5 things that changed her life:

  1. How music of the 60s and 70s influenced kelly’s life and continues to do so today
  2. Being a California girl, moving to a farm in Arkansas in the late 70s. and how she was ostracized by the popular kids because she thought differently
  3. Living her life as an empath and learning how to protect herself
  4. How she stumbled into animal rescue and made it into something successful
  5. Talking to the Animals / Animal Communication

About Kelly: Kelly is the founder and former director of Sante D’or, a volunteer-run animal adoption center and community focused rescue located in Los Angeles, California. For adoption information go to santedor.org. She is an animal rights activist for domestic and wild animals and a member of the international ocean conservation and advocacy organization, Oceana. Get more info at oceana.org.

Episode 06 – Todd Masterson

Todd discusses 5 things that changed his life:

  1. How he struggles with his age every day
  2. Receiving a large inheritance and wasting it
  3. Going on strike from the TV series, Fashion Police, and how it was the completely wrong decision
  4. Always feeling like he’s being left behind by friends
  5. When Todd came out of the closet while studying abroad in London.

About Todd:

Todd is a comedian, writer, and producer from West Hollywood, CA.

Named one of Culture Stocked’s “Gay Comedians To Watch In 2016,” he’s written for film and television icons including Joan Rivers and James Franco. His most recent work includes producing season 7 of the hit reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race on LogoTV.

Catch Todd doing his stand up comedy at various stops up and down the West Coast beginning in September 2016.

Follow Todd:

Follow Todd on Twitter and Instagram at Todd Masterson.