Episode 05 – Liz Femi

Liz discusses 5 things that changed her life:

  1. Self-inflicted near-sightedness. How she faked vision problems when she was a kid just to get glasses
  2. Becoming a teacher instead of a doctor and becoming an actor instead of a teacher
  3. Visa lottery. How her family won a green card lottery to come live in the United States
  4. Meeting her husband. Sometimes you just need to eat a sandwich before taking over the world
  5. A restless artist. Unsure of how to move her career forward yet itching to perform. How a writing assignment in class became a one-person play.

About Liz:
Liz Femi is a Los Angeles based actor who recently appeared in Judd Apatow’s Netflix series “Love” and guest starred opposite David Duchovney in NBC’s Aquarius. She is the writer and performer of the award-winning comedic solo show, “Take Me To The Poorhouse,” and is currently in production on the Netflix feature, A Futile And Stupid Gesture, which comes out in 2017.

Contact Liz:
You can follow Liz on Twitter and Instagram at @LizFemi and on her website at LizFemi.com.

Episode 04 – Casey Ruggieri

Casey discusses 5 things that changed her life: (1) The Bengal Boys, (2) Get Yourself To New York Baby, (3) Taily Bone and Other Strange Stories, (4) Bury me with Two Cartons When I Die, (5) Los Angeles On A Whim.

About Casey:

Casey Ruggieri is an actor/writer with credits including Gone Girl, Tales of Halloween, House of Lies, Kroll Show, and a bunch a commercials. She also works with Young Storytellers, a non-profit dedicated to helping children find their creative voice through screenplay and story writing. Visit YoungStorytellers.com for more information and, if you’re in Los Angeles or New York and would like to volunteer with Young Storytellers, check out the ‘volunteer’ link.

Casey currently lives in Los Angeles with her bearded boyfriend and two cats, where she is at work on her first novel.

Follow Casey on Facebook at Facebook.com/CaseyRuggieri, on Instagram, and on Twitter.

Episode 03 – Samee Junio

Samee discusses 5 things that changed her life: (1) Dating Apps, (2) Moving to California, (3) Letting go of her inhibitions and establishing her own community, (4) Falling “in love” with her best friend in high school, (5) Being introduced to the L.A. comedy scene.

Samee Junio (pronounced WHO knee oh) is a live comedy show producer and a podcast audio engineer with her own independent network, Hello, LionFace. Among the shows she’s produced: The Mo Show, First Act, Historical Roast, and this podcast, 5 Things That Changed Your Life.

You can keep tabs on Samee on Twitter @sameejunio and on Instagram at instagram.com/samee_junio/.


Episode 02 – Cetine

Cetine discusses 5 things that changed her life: (1) The Magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter, (2) She-Ra and toys of the 80s, (3) Coming Out Trans, (4) Video games and TwitchTV, (5) Online Dating.

About Cetine:
Cetine is an actress, writer, and makeup artist living in Los Angeles. She’s worked with just about every major studio in Hollywood both behind-the-scene and more recently, in front of the camera. She’s currently working on two feature films, one of which she wrote, several web series, and will appear later this year on LOGO in a new documentary produced by MTV.

Contact Cetine:
Instagram and Twitter: @CetineTheDream

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Episode 01 – Chris Gore

Chris discusses 5 things that changed his life: (1) Seeing Star Wars for the first time, (2) The women who raised him, (3) The birth of his daughter, (4) The death of his father, (5) The origin of Film Threat magazine.

About Chris Gore:

You might know Chris from G4’s Attack of the Show where he led new movie release segments called DVDuesday which ran for 8 years. He and his daughter, Haley, are the authors of the book, “Celebrities Poop” available on Amazon (hardcopy or kindle or audiobook). And Chris is the founder of “Film Threat” Magazine which began in 1985 and became one of the most respected online sources for film. A documentary about “Film Threat” is in the works and starts shooting later this year.

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