Season 02 – Episode 05 – Steve Harper

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Steve Harper is a television writer, playwright, and creativity coach. Credits include the ABC series, “American Crime”, and USA Networks, “Covert Affairs”. His web series, “Send Me,” has won multiple awards and garnered an Emmy nom for its lead actress.

On this week’s episode of the “5 Things That Changed Your Life” podcast Steve discusses…

  1. Trading in my electric typewriter for a Mac: During college (and then after) I drank the Apple Computer kool-aid and eventually spent 10 years teaching computer skills to people of all ages.
  2. Discovering The Actors Work Program: As a broke actor, I stumbled into the Actors Fund and found this social-services division that taught me how to expand my skill-set and my resume to get “meaningful sideline employment”. Today I do all kind of work even as I pursue by art in many abundant ways.
  3. Hosting a Baltimore Kids Show: I was hired in the early ‘90s to co-star in, co-produce and co-write a wacky kids show on the Fox affiliate in Baltimore and used more of my creative juices that I had previously used on one project.
  4. Creating a web series: After writing on a TV show for a few years, I decided to create my own series for the web with a crazy premise (about time travel to the days of slavery) – without really having a game plan before I started. We ultimately got nominated for an Emmy.
  5. Doing the ManKind Project Weekend: I took the leap to follow a friend’s advice and participated in this weekend workshop around emotional literacy for men and my life took a turn for the better.

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5 Things That Changed Your Life is a 12-episode multi-season podcast where guests share 5 stories, events, or experiences that had an impact on their lives. Hosted by Loren Kling.



Episode 11 – Dimithri Perera

Dimithri discusses 5 things that changed his life:

  1. Putting your heart and soul into a scripted web series that’s fully written, produced, and shot but now sits on a shelf, only partially completed.
  2. When you’re no longer wearing blue body paint and holding a lamp nobody knows who the heck you are.
  3. Getting glasses at age 6 made him cool until he moved to a new school. Then, he was just a geek.
  4. Beast Boy and Raven. Nick Fury and Black Widow. Matching ugly Christmas sweaters. It’s been 4 years and still going strong.
  5. Starting an improv troupe is starting a business. Where’s the fun in that?

About Dimithri:

Dimithri is a lifelong performer and writer and all-around geek.

He is the founder of Laugh Chance, an improv team from Fullerton CA that performs twice a month at STAGEStheatre in Fullerton, California. Get tickets and more info at Laugh Chance. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Dimithri is your source for geek news and commentary at

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