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Hi, my name is Loren Kling, the creator and host of the podcast series 5 Things That Changed Your Life.

About the podcast:

Each episode I sit down with a different guest where we talk about 5 stories, events, or experiences that had an impact on their lives. Paths altered by a person, a place, or a moment in time.

The format of our show is unique in that our guests have already thought about the questions (what are the “5 Things” that changed their lives) and the answers (why those moments are important to them) before we ever sit down to chat.

Previous guests come from a wide range of backgrounds: actors, authors, writers, mentors, teachers, doctors, animal advocates, and business owners.

Prepping for the show:

We’ll ask that you prepare and send us a list of 10 things that changed your life. (Although we’ll discuss 5 from your list we’ve found that the struggle to come up with more than what is needed sometimes uncovers interesting experiences that aren’t always obvious.)

A title and a quick blurb is all that we need…

  • Tiwana Floyd (actress, choir singer): Getting fired from a job she no longer enjoyed. (episode 10)
  • Todd Masterson (TV writer, comedian): Struggling every day with getting older. (episode 06)
  • Cetine (model, makeup artist): Coming out as a trans person (episode 02)
  • Dimithri Perera (Stage and screen actor, writer): When you’re no longer wearing blue body paint and holding a lamp nobody knows who the heck you are. (episode 11)
  • Kristine Oller (change strategist): Deciding in 5th grade that everyone could go !*@& themselves, cause, if she had to, she would be her own best friend. (episode 12)

We’re booking guests now to record in February and March 2017 with episodes airing weekly from April through June 2017.

Of course, we’d be happy to promote you and any projects you have coming up this year, things you’ve worked on in the past, and your website/social media links.

To be a guest on the show contact [email protected].


Loren Kling, Host
Alan Ng, Producer
5 Things That Changed Your Life