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Season 02 – Episode 01 – Sam Christensen

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On the season 2 premiere of the “5 Things That Changed Your Life” podcast, my guest, SAM CHRISTENSEN discusses:

  1. Being told he might make a great VP if he tried hard
  2. Getting a unique gift from his grandpa
  3. Learning the most valuable lesson from violinist Isaac Stern
  4. The end of the TV series M*A*S*H
  5. The Actors’ Center of Los Angeles and developing “The Sam Christensen Process”.
Sam is a former casting director for Broadway theatre, feature films, and television, including one of the most popular TV series of all-time, MASH.
Today, at “Sam Christensen Studios” in North Hollywood, California, and in classes around the World, he teaches “The Sam Christensen Process” to thousands of actors, artists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and CEOs.
As a graduate of… “The Process”, I like to describe it as this…
Imagine you’re at a job interview or a casting audition and the person behind the table says, “Describe yourself”. What would you say?
Since taking the class in 2011, I’ve been able to easily and confidently say, “I’m an onion ring in a bag of fries.”

Can’t get more clearer than that!



Season 02 – Episode 00 – Hello (Again) World!

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Hi, Everybody.

I’m Loren Kling, host of the podcast series, 5 Things That Changed Your Life.


Like the previous season, we’re going to bring you 12 guests who will share 5 stories, events, or experiences that had an impact on their lives. Paths altered by a person, a place, or a moment in time.

The format of the show is unique in that my guests have already thought about the questions (what are the “5 Things” that changed their lives) as well as the answers (why those moments are important to them) before we ever sit down to chat.

All 12 episodes of SEASON 1 (plus a recap show) are available now on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and here at http://www.fivethingspodcast.com/.

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Episode 12 – Kristine Oller

Kristine discusses 5 things that changed her life:

  1. Being asked to lead mastermind “Power Groups” for The Actor’s Network.
  2. 5th grade: deciding that everyone could go eff themselves, cause, if she had to, she would be her own best friend
  3. 8th grade: purposefully throwing her class (and their grades) under a bus by refusing to do an assignment in history class
  4. 9th grade: becoming a professional actor by missing the 9th grade trip to Yosemite.
  5. 11th grade: failing trigonometry and discovering that the world didn’t end. (And some good things actually came out of that.)

About Kristine:

Kristine Oller is an award-winning Change Strategist and author of the book, Feeding Your Focus. Leading by example, she is dedicated to empowering others to bet on themselves – and to help them win that bet. Her clients include Oscar nominees, professional athletes, business owners, executives, published authors, performers (including 5 Things host, Loren Kling), voice over artists (and a wide variety of up-and-comers), ranging in age from their 20’s to 70’s.

You can find her over at her website KristineOller.com where you can sign up for her free weekly ninety second Golden Nugget videos.
And, if you are a performer, definitely check out her other website TheActorsLibrary.com where she’s collected ALL of her very best career guidance and resources for you to access – for free.


Episode 11 – Dimithri Perera

Dimithri discusses 5 things that changed his life:

  1. Putting your heart and soul into a scripted web series that’s fully written, produced, and shot but now sits on a shelf, only partially completed.
  2. When you’re no longer wearing blue body paint and holding a lamp nobody knows who the heck you are.
  3. Getting glasses at age 6 made him cool until he moved to a new school. Then, he was just a geek.
  4. Beast Boy and Raven. Nick Fury and Black Widow. Matching ugly Christmas sweaters. It’s been 4 years and still going strong.
  5. Starting an improv troupe is starting a business. Where’s the fun in that?

About Dimithri:

Dimithri is a lifelong performer and writer and all-around geek.

He is the founder of Laugh Chance, an improv team from Fullerton CA that performs twice a month at STAGEStheatre in Fullerton, California. Get tickets and more info at Laugh Chance. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Dimithri is your source for geek news and commentary at facebook.com/thekeeg.

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