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Episode 01 – Chris Gore

Chris discusses 5 things that changed his life: (1) Seeing Star Wars for the first time, (2) The women who raised him, (3) The birth of his daughter, (4) The death of his father, (5) The origin of Film Threat magazine.

About Chris Gore:

You might know Chris from G4’s Attack of the Show where he led new movie release segments called DVDuesday which ran for 8 years. He and his daughter, Haley, are the authors of the book, “Celebrities Poop” available on Amazon (hardcopy or kindle or audiobook). And Chris is the founder of “Film Threat” Magazine which began in 1985 and became one of the most respected online sources for film. A documentary about “Film Threat” is in the works and starts shooting later this year.

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  1. D.F. Nuz says:

    Excellent podcast. Chris is a very dynamic individual and his stories were fascinating. I’m looking forward to listening to the rest.

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