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Episode 04 – Casey Ruggieri

Casey discusses 5 things that changed her life: (1) The Bengal Boys, (2) Get Yourself To New York Baby, (3) Taily Bone and Other Strange Stories, (4) Bury me with Two Cartons When I Die, (5) Los Angeles On A Whim.

About Casey:

Casey Ruggieri is an actor/writer with credits including Gone Girl, Tales of Halloween, House of Lies, Kroll Show, and a bunch a commercials. She also works with Young Storytellers, a non-profit dedicated to helping children find their creative voice through screenplay and story writing. Visit YoungStorytellers.com for more information and, if you’re in Los Angeles or New York and would like to volunteer with Young Storytellers, check out the ‘volunteer’ link.

Casey currently lives in Los Angeles with her bearded boyfriend and two cats, where she is at work on her first novel.

Follow Casey on Facebook at Facebook.com/CaseyRuggieri, on Instagram, and on Twitter.