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Episode 06 – Todd Masterson

Todd discusses 5 things that changed his life:

  1. How he struggles with his age every day
  2. Receiving a large inheritance and wasting it
  3. Going on strike from the TV series, Fashion Police, and how it was the completely wrong decision
  4. Always feeling like he’s being left behind by friends
  5. When Todd came out of the closet while studying abroad in London.

About Todd:

Todd is a comedian, writer, and producer from West Hollywood, CA.

Named one of Culture Stocked’s “Gay Comedians To Watch In 2016,” he’s written for film and television icons including Joan Rivers and James Franco. His most recent work includes producing season 7 of the hit reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race on LogoTV.

Catch Todd doing his stand up comedy at various stops up and down the West Coast beginning in September 2016.

Follow Todd:

Follow Todd on Twitter and Instagram at Todd Masterson.