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Season 02 – Episode 00 – Hello (Again) World!

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Hi, Everybody.

I’m Loren Kling, host of the podcast series, 5 Things That Changed Your Life.


Like the previous season, we’re going to bring you 12 guests who will share 5 stories, events, or experiences that had an impact on their lives. Paths altered by a person, a place, or a moment in time.

The format of the show is unique in that my guests have already thought about the questions (what are the “5 Things” that changed their lives) as well as the answers (why those moments are important to them) before we ever sit down to chat.

All 12 episodes of SEASON 1 (plus a recap show) are available now on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and here at http://www.fivethingspodcast.com/.

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