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Season 02 – Episode 02 – Heidi Rose Robbins

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For season 2, episode 2 of the “5 Things That Changed Your Life” podcast, I sat down with HEIDI ROSE ROBBINS where she discusses:

  1. Declaring “I’m a poet with a map of the heavens in my pocket” – Reclaiming and naming myself an artist/poet and not just/ only an astrologer/teacher.
  2. An audition at Age 11 in Fargo North Dakota – facing fear, discovering true devotion and passion, my first experience of artistic community.
  3. Meeting Sofia Diaz – my teacher even today – blasted me open- embodiment of fierce love
  4. A very scary plane trip off the coast of Australia- my warrior friend and I face the possibility of a crash
  5. Discovering personal retreats – as a mother of young children, started to take time alone – changed everything, the power of solitude, removing myself from the chaos of everyday and My first Radiant Life Retreat – tiny group, sheer determination to birth this new offering

Heidi Rose Robbins is a poet dedicated to helping others embody the experience of love. Those who read her poems and attend her readings and retreats often speak of feeling woken up to the best parts of themselves, of rediscovering a vitality and tenderness long-buried. In 2013 Heidi published her first book of poetry, Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty.

In 2007, she and five other like-minded “love warriors” embarked on the Hello Love Experiment, a radical year-long tour of sparking discussions of love and connection throughout the US. Following Hello Love, Heidi created Radiant Life Retreats to help grow a capacity for love through the communal exploration of poetry, movement, and friendship.

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