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Season 02 – Episode 06 – Courtney Barber

Courtney Barber is an Australian entrepreneur, having founded both Glam Today Magazine and Perfex Laboratories, a beauty and health supplement company based in Los Angeles, California. Courtney is also Miss Nevada International 2016 and a former Miss Australia Galaxy 2011.

Among her on-camera work she’ll be appearing in season 3 of HBOs’s series, “Ballers” which comes out in July 2017 and in “Haz” Dulull’s faux-documentary sci-fi thriller, “The Beyond”.

Courtney resides between both The Gold Coast in Australia and Los Angeles.

On this week’s episode of the “5 Things That Changed Your Life” podcast Courtney discusses…

  1. Coming from a farm in the “outback” in Australia to moving to LA – The WOW moments of always watching movies about Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and then actually ending up living in L.A. years later.
  2. Becoming a Celebrity fitness writer for Perez Hilton – How I started sending out proposals from my apartment in Australia to all of the biggest media publishers in the USA at age 24… and then after chasing them for months and months, finally got booked!
  3. Winning and Competing as Miss Australia in 2011 – Coming to the USA and doing my first pageant in Chicago. Everything you think about pageants is true and then some!
  4. Starting my own Fitness Magazine in the USA at age 25 – How that grew and all the experiences I had doing that, meeting celebrities and my own little empire.
  5. Going back to Australia for a extended break in 2015 after “burning out” – Finding myself again, my sense of balance and true self. The best few months of my life.
  6. Winning Miss Nevada 2016 – Being off the stage for a few years and then deciding that I wanted to get back on stage and give it a go, despite a lot of people telling me otherwise (you are too old, what have you got to prove etc). Ended up placing Top 10 out of all the states in the USA at the national competition and winning the “Best Body // Miss Fitness”
  7. Doing an epic road trip with my youngest brother and trekking through Cambodia and Vietnam with the other one.

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