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Season 02 – Episode 08 – Onch Movement

Onch Movement is a Los Angeles-based artist and fashion-forward jewelry designer who’s known for creating colorful and unique ‘wearable art’ that’s been worn by celebrities including Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj.

Onch is currently working with YouTube star and singer-songwriter, “That Poppy”, and major brands including Sanrio and “Hello Kitty” and Hasbro, who enlisted Onch to create the very first jewelry collaboration for Mr. Potato Head & My Little Pony.

On this week’s episode of the “5 Things That Changed Your Life” podcast Onch discusses…

  1. Paris Hilton TV show for MTV
  2. My Art teacher in school who encouraged me to focus on art and graphic design and a jewelry store owner who told me I was a jewelry designer and should make a career out of it.
  3. Creating my brand Onch Movement in art school.
  4. Kate Moss wearing my design and giving me the first round of International press.
  5. My first big heart break – Changing my lifetstyle and focusing on myself.
  6. A recent trip to Taiwan that changed my outlook on life and made me realize what is really important in life.

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