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Episode 09 – Devin Dugan

Devin discusses 5 things that changed his life:

  1. Getting laid off led to starting his own ‘funny business’
  2. Blaming his grandparents for this life-long obsession
  3. How Abbot and Costello led to another life-long obsession
  4. He had never tried this until he met his wife
  5. Going back to school
  6. (BONUS topic) What a co-worker did at an open mic that changed Devin’s life forever

About Devin: He’s the artistic director of ImprovCity, an award-winning improv troupe based in Irvine, California.Visit improvcityonline.com for show tickets and more information.

He recently released the book, “Improvisers Drawing Stick Figures”, which is a collection of improvised doodles by improv performers across the United States, is now available on amazon.